Wood Accents – More Than Just Flooring

Warm floor - the concept of floor heating and wooden panels.

Wood is becoming more and more abundant in our homes.  We have moved into an era where many new homes include a good bit of hardwood flooring, and maybe even wooden stair treads.  In many cases, this is where people think the addition of wood accents ends.  For those people who understand there are other wood accents available, many times these options aren’t selected due to the uncertainty and fear of doing something that just may not look as nice as we hope.  There are safe ways to implement more wood accents without taking a big risk, and worrying about wasting money if it just doesn’t work out.

One way to bring in more wood would be through the normal trim installed within the house.  Rather than installing a paintable wood material for your crown mold, or window casing, consider using a clear fir, or some other solid wood material.  Pine isn’t too expensive and looks nice when it is stained with the right colors.  By using these options for normal trim materials, the worse case scenario if you don’t like the look is to paint over it!  Many farmhouse designs and cabins incorporate these stained wood accents throughout the home.

Another way to implement wood accents without adding a lot of cost would be to install a tongue and grove wood material on porch ceilings.   Most porches aren’t too large, which means the cost wouldn’t be too great, but the impact would be huge.  The overall appearance of a wooden porch really adds a custom feel to the exterior of the home.  As far as the color of the ceiling, it can fall into the same category as the trim.  If the stain works, then let it stay.  If it doesn’t give you that “wow effect” than put a coat of paint over it.  At that point it is just painted wood, which is still a lot nicer than some of the other porch ceiling materials used in home construction.

Other ways to implement some nice wood accents without taking a big risk would be with cased openings in the home, fireplace mantles, built-in cabinets/shelves, etc.  The best way to add these accents would be to look at the project as a whole and to make sure all these wooden accents complement each other.  Wooden cased openings would look nice with wooden window trim.  Wooden crown molding would be nice with a nice wooden chair rail and Judges Paneling in a dining room.  A wooden porch ceiling would look nice with wooden columns, a stained front door and maybe some wooden Craftsman style shutters on the front of the home.

There are plenty of areas to add wooden accents within any home.  This is becoming more and more popular again, and you can get as creative as possible. Search through Pinterest or other online applications to look at the many ideas people incorporate into their home designs.   When you are ready to learn more about implementing these unique wood accent options into your new custom home, visit us at AmericasHomePlace.com