Wireless Networking Systems

It’s always exciting to see the next level of ingenuity when it comes to technology and how it affects our home designs. With Amazon’s Echo dot, Alexa and Google Home units we are now open to many possibilities of listening to our favorite music on a voice command in addition to requesting our wireless devices to dim the lights, turn on televisions or access data to keep us on track for our daily schedules.

There are many types of systems available and devices that will allow our home to become, what we thought of as children, as the home of the future. Wireless networking systems can be set up for game consoles and computers, printers as well as many compatible devices within our homes. It is amazing to see all of the available options, which is in a continual growth pattern.

Many people opt for the wireless option when it comes to networking throughout the home. There are several different ways this can be established and the functionality and safety of systems will determine your choice for using a wireless gateway or choosing to stay hardwired to everything.

If you aren’t sold on the complete wireless networking home system, then adapt with a few smaller systems like Ring for your front door bell or a wireless home security system. In a world where it seems like knowledge is at our fingertips and hackers are on the rise it can be a tough decision to release the standard mode of home wiring to a new way of living. 

Wireless networking systems are designed to work off of multiple computers or devices allowing for a cleaner look, and less wires! Obviously many of the wireless devices we use today still have a power source plugged in somewhere but overall it is nice to have fewer cables running everywhere.

The time to discuss integrating a wireless networking system and adding home components within your new custom home is at the planning stage. As you find the floor plan you like, make notes of where you would like to add these features and have your builder review economical options for you and your family. You may not be aware of some of the options you could really benefit from, and your builder will be able to make suggestions for these desired features and available options.

As with any wireless system, you want to ensure you take good security measures to keep intruders out. Encryption, as well as utilizing other software can be a good option to consider.

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