Did you know a commonly used wood siding product is available in a vinyl option?  Vinyl siding has been around for many years, and occasionally a particular style will make its way to the front line.  Among these include the traditional vinyl siding, vinyl shake siding, including staggered and cedar appearance styles and board-and-batten vinyl siding.

Board and batten vinyl siding gives the traditional look of vertical wood siding with the benefit of vinyl.  This type of siding comes in wide and narrow patterns and is designed to be practically maintenance free, meaning there is no need to ever have to paint as is necessary with traditional wood siding.  The colors available for this product are vast and this type of siding can be applied to the entire home, or used as an accent within certain parts of the exterior of the home.  The size of the board varies and the batten extrudes enough to give an architectural and dimensional look, while covering the gaps.

Choosing vinyl siding is really left to preference, and a few things to consider when making this choice come down to cost, maintenance and overall lifetime of product.    While the cost of vinyl siding is typically less expensive than wood siding, the benefits of low maintenance also plays a role in your decision.  In climates where there is more moisture it may be necessary to pressure wash the siding to keep a clean look throughout the years.  Many vinyl siding options include strong wind ratings, lifetime warranties and other eco-friendly qualities that you may consider to be valuable in your decision.

Board-and-batten siding is a great addition for mountain homes and adds flair to a coastal cottage elevation.  Discuss your home elevation with your building consultant and learn more about the available vinyl siding options for your new custom home.  Take a tour around several neighborhoods and see the board-and-batten style vinyl siding to visually see how this type of siding looks on different homes.  Using a reputable builder may assist with making sure you are using reliable siding vendors and installers.  As with any building product, the longevity and overall lifetime of the product is partially dependent on proper installation.

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