What to look for in a floor plan can depend on many variables.  Are you starting a family or downsizing?  What styles do you like?  Are you looking for a plan offering open and airy space or possibly one offering plenty of defined room spaces?

Through my experience in meeting with consumers looking to build a home I have found we each have a unique idea of what our perfect home plan is and it is critical to come to an agreement in the beginning to assure all parties involved will be able to love the livable space – Yes Men, this is my friendly way of saying most women have a completely different idea of a dream home than men and this can be a struggle at times – so don’t let it be, this can be an exciting time in your life and building your new home should prove to be a positive experience – one you will likely enjoy for many years to come.

In some instances I have had men say they will choose the exterior selections and the women prefer to select the interior selections and overall functionality of the home; others have no desired preference and easily come to an agreement of the space they wish to call home.  Regardless of what the possibilities are in the beginning, upon completion the floor plan you choose will prove to be uniquely your own, so choose wisely!

Here are a few useful tips and common things to consider in regards to choosing a floor plan:

  • What is your desired budget – Are you building for functionality, aesthetic appeal, possibly to balance your home/work life or a combination.  Understanding your needs will help you to better understand your options

TIP #1 Having an idea of what you would like to spend on your home will make a huge difference with recognizing the types of homes and inclusive options available to you.  Decide on a comfortable desired living space allowance and then meet with your builder to determine products offering cost saving curb appeal and the overall look and feel of the home you desire to build within the predetermined budget.

  • What style of home do you prefer? Are you looking for a Ranch, French Country, Spanish style, A-frame, Log Cabin, Colonial, Cottage? There are thousands of possibilities and styles when it comes to floor plans and finding the perfect plan can be overwhelming at first. By narrowing some of the plan styles you may like, this process may become more enjoyable.

TIP #2 Take some time to drive around different neighborhoods looking at different styles to help narrow the selections. There is a large number of floor plans and elevations available today. There is also a plethora of home photos on the internet as well as architectural magazines and Free Floor Plan Books, so use your resources and find the one you like. Make sure to keep notes of some of the home styles you like, including keeping a photo log if you desire.

  • What is the functionality of your home? Are you looking for sizable rooms, functional space, cozy living, or outdoor living space? Know your style!

TIP #3 Imagine yourself living in your new home. As you look at plans, visualize yourself and your daily routines; walk through the events of the day to see if the plan is truly going to meet your needs. For example, if you are an entertainer and you love having people over, a plan with a small kitchen and no dining room may not be suitable for you.

There are countless items to consider when building your new custom home.  Knowing your budget, the style of home you like as well as truly understanding the functionality of your family may prove to be beneficial factors to assist you with choosing the perfect floor plan and elevation.

Once you have narrowed your selections, blind folded yourself and thrown the dart to pick the right one, give yourself a hand. This process can be overwhelming because of all of the choices available. Take comfort in knowing, with proper planning and your trusted builder by your side,  your dream home will soon enough be a reality.

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