Trim Accents can be a great way to add some custom flair to your new home! There are many different types of trim accents available and your building consultant will gladly assist you in making the best selections for your new home.

Here are some trim accents you may want to consider:

Wainscot (Beadboard) – Wainscot is the application of wood paneling on a lower portion of a wall. This is a typical application within custom homes. One type of paneling is Beadboard. This is an inexpensive addition adding a custom look within any home. This application can be applied to the back side of cabinets, breakfast bar and kitchen island locations as well as the standard areas. Other locations for beadboard may be in dining rooms, bathrooms or mudroom areas. You can choose to have the beadboard installed below a chair rail for an elegant look, or for more of a coastal cottage look you could choose to have the beadboard raised to a different height and trimmed out at the top with a simple 1” trim piece.

Cabinets – Cabinets have really adapted over the years from a simple staple to a center piece within our kitchens and baths. Cabinets can be transformed from the most basic of cabinets to an exceptional centerpiece offering raised patterns, several size trims, and multiple trim patterns including dentil or rope trim. Fluted accents are another great way to jazz up your cabinets. Let your building consultant help you design a beautiful kitchen or bath with some of these great trim accents.

Chair rail – Chair rail is typically installed within the dining room and is located at approximately 30” from the floor. The purpose of the chair rail is to offer a decorative trim while benefiting from the function of protecting the walls. As chairs are pushed and pulled they may scuff up the walls and by adding chair rail in these areas you can avoid the walls from being scuffed as much. You may choose to place a different color paint below or above the chair rail, or you may choose to install beadboard or other decorative trim accents in this area of your home.

Columns – Columns are another way to add separation within areas of your home, offering an upgraded custom look. Columns are available in different styles and sizes making any room beautiful. Common areas where these accents are found within the home may be at a doorway entrance into a dining room or library. Shorter columns can be added to half-walls, or full-sized columns can be added to wall accents to create the perfect place for your favorite piece of art. Columns can also be trimmed out with accents to offer a completely custom look. Other areas where columns add some flair is in the bathroom, around your garden tub or shower entrance. Including columns within your interior design adds a grand feel to any room, make sure to ask your building consultant to review your plan and make suggestions as you design your final floor plan.

Rosettes – Rosettes or other smaller trim accents, available with many patterns and sizes can also add a trim accent to many locations within your home. These are sometimes found at door locations, trimming out a cased opening, or at a fireplace surround, trimming out a fireplace.

Picture Frame or Judges Paneling – This is another way to trim out a portion, or all of a wall within any room in your home. Again, with the different types of trim available you will want to look at some options to see what design and style you might like best. This type of trim can be raised or inverted; it can also be applied in numerous options of width offering a truly customized option for any room. In dining rooms it may be incorporated with or without chair rail and it is a great accent to foyers, formal dining rooms and library/study areas. This has also become a popular addition to many ceilings, using a larger trim application to really add focus to this area.

Regardless of which trim accents you incorporate within your new home, there are certainly plenty of options and patterns to offer you a customized look within any room. Your building consultant will be happy to show you some options and discuss your plans in more detail.

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