When planning your kitchen layout, it is important to consider the cabinet layout in addition to the lighting, flooring, paint colors and other interior home selections.  Another important decision is regarding the oven and stove – and with the many available options today it may take more than a brief moment to consider which appliances will work best for you and your family.

When it comes to cooking and having the right appliances within your new custom kitchen you want to consider the number of people and events you will be cooking for throughout the year.

The planning and designing stage of your new custom home, is the perfect time to ask questions, think of different scenarios and really design a custom kitchen that will meet the needs of you and your family.  Ranges and cooktops come in standard sizes, typically 30” and 36”, however there are other options should you decide to go with a custom size or professional size appliance.  Some professional series appliances offer options including warming drawers, convection ovens and other features.

If you choose to go with a cooktop, which is an independent surface cooking unit, and a wall mounted double oven you will have double the oven space.  If you like the wall mounted oven idea, however do not need the additional oven other options include a microwave oven combo unit; or maybe you would prefer a convection oven combination unit. Overall, there are many ways for you to customize your kitchen appliances.

Many people choose cooktops and double oven combos for the added cooking space.  The cooktop location can also help increase available space for drawer stack cabinets where you can store pots, pans or other cooking utensils.  Some cooktops are placed within kitchen islands and others are placed in the position where a traditional range would have been placed – depending on your kitchen layout and cabinet design you may have several options so be sure to speak with your building consultant as you review these selections. Another feature you may want to consider if placing your cooktop in the island is a downdraft ventilation system.

If you choose to go with a traditional freestanding range or a slide in range understanding the difference in look may help with your selection.  Freestanding ranges are among the most widely used ranges in the housing market.  A freestanding range is an independent unit that is easily installed and slides into a premeasured open space within your cabinet layout.  The majority of these units offer controls on the top section and are available in electric smooth-top versions as well as gas units.  A freestanding range typically has small gaps between the installed unit and cabinets. A slide in or drop in range offers a more unified and seamless look across your cabinets as it sits on a countertop ledge as designed for proper installation.  With the slide in/drop in range the controls are typically located on the front of the unit and there is not a raised back which makes a nice selection if you have a decorative backsplash or low profile window with a nice view.  It really comes to esthetic preference as both of these units will offer similar cooking functions.

Once you have decided the type of appliance, you should consider whether you will choose gas or electric.  People have different reasons for selecting one or the other based on previous use or preference.  Gas, over time has been identified to offer more even temperate cooking.  A gas option also gives the opportunity to continue cooking during a storm where a power outage occurs.  Living in a coastal area where hurricanes are more prevalent this may be the best choice for you.  Some have fears of using gas within their homes.  Over the years gas appliances have become much safer; however with any product it is important to understand how to properly use your appliance.  Gas also puts off less long term heat as compared to electric appliances; therefore using an electric range may affect the temperature, while in use, within your home.

Regardless of whether you choose gas or electric there are many other options to consider including color, size, and brand.  You want to consider the warranty of any appliances you choose and your building consultant may offer suggestions to help you choose the perfect fit for your new custom kitchen.

As you dream of the many days you will spend cooking in your new custom created kitchen make sure to consider all of the possible options when it comes to cook-tops, ranges and ovens so you are able to entertain the way you and your family are accustomed to.

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