The Millennial’s Home Office

Home office interior

The home office has changed so much over time.  Think about some of the early scholars from the 17th century and how their offices, which were lit by candlelight, were filled with scrolls, maps and old books, strange lab equipment all within dark gloomy environments.

In the 20th century a more natural lighted office, with organized filing systems, built-in bookcases, tv niches and desktop computers adorned the everyday home office.

Like many cultural shifts the millennials are responsible for bringing about a new idea of what the home office means.  First of all more and more people are working from home to balance the work-life challenge.

White living room with sofa

Technology and simplicity are the central focal points when it comes to creating the millennial’s home office.  In addition to having a relaxed overall feel, instead of a classically designed wood desk you may find a contemporary style simple line desk topped with a laptop, wireless headphones and a comfy ergonomically designed seat to pull up in.  In addition to the simplicity of this high tech home office, you may also find features like built in surround sound and a large wall mounted monitor to hold go-to meetings online with other entrepreneurs across the globe. 

Study area in teenager room

These casual spaces are filled with artwork designed to drive creativity and at the same time create a work environment that is relaxing.  Other millennial home offices are designed to incorporate workshop space to blend the creative “workable” space with their need for comfort and technology.  These spaces may include workshop style tables, couches, whiteboards and for many, an organized craft-able space to compliment an etsy or online shop space.

Green space including indoor plants, natural light and plenty of room for the treadmill designed to hold your laptop are other features this young group of entrepreneurs are incorporating into their home designs.

Creative workplace side

Geometric carpet in multifuncional workspace

When it comes to planning your home and creating a space that will give you the work-life balance you are looking for, make sure to think about what defines you and your business and the environment you want to create in order to make a lasting impression or space surely to promote ingenuity and function!

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