So you have LED lighting in the kitchen, automatic light accents on your outlet covers and your lights self adjust when you enter or exit a room; you have wired your home with smart wiring and can now control your lights, temperature and see who is at your front door all from a small device you hold within your hand. If this doesn’t already sound like a futuristic home, go ahead and throw in the fact that your refrigerator tells you when you are running low on something and all you have to do to order new laundry detergent when you are out is press a button – Wow! Many baby boomers will attest the futuristic home has arrived. From stories as they were children, listening to their parents on how they maintained food, without refrigerators; how they entertained themselves, as the radios and televisions were sparse and everyday transportation, well there wasn’t a lot of it!!

Our society as a whole has made so many improvements to the way in which we live and how new inventions and trendy items become the everyday staple within our homes. As you build your new custom home, it may not be as easy as just selecting a plan, choosing your colors and moving in. The thought of futuristic implementations may mean the difference of you selling your home, some day.

Generations see futuristic homes differently, some children are born into a society where they think a phone is a requirement and have no idea what an ice tray is. Futuristic homes may include robotic features to remove many of the daily tasks you currently do to keep your home functioning. You may also experience energy reducing home materials generating energy through solar leaves, or possibly solar pods, designed like micro-beads and added to housing materials to help produce energy.

The Inclusion of robotic skills will most likely be within the futuristic home and as imaginations unleash new ideas and innovation puts it to work, the new home may include self-adjusting paint based on temperature, grass cutting techniques we can watch instead of doing and a virtual type of existence within a physical world of living.

Every year there are new products on the market and if you are considering building a new home, you may want to include some time to research some of the great products available today. Work with your builder to incorporate these selections to assure you are building the home of your dreams while maintaining a reasonable budget.

Check out these futuristic designs:

  • Single Stack Kitchen by Massimo Facchinetti
  • Computerized Refrigerators
  • Transparent Televisions
  • Self-sterilizing door handles
  • Google Home

When it comes to the future of homes and home designs the possibilities are only limited to our imaginations. What are some things you think of when it comes to the futuristic home or designs you would like to see within more home plans?

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