Soon the smell of spiced apple cider and fresh pumpkin pie will fill the air.  As you approach this holiday season, giving thanks for family and friends, planning your Thanksgiving Day will soon be on the agenda.

As you entertain the ideas of food preparation, decorating your Thanksgiving table will be the centerpiece of your mind.  Creating a warm environment to share this tradition can begin with planning your table decor.  You can also use this time to fellowship with friends and engage your children to help plan an event that will bring memories to last a lifetime.

Plan an evening dessert, where you and your family can enjoy some goodies as you decide together what will be included on the Thanksgiving menu. Everyone has their favorite dishes, and this is the perfect time to come together to kick off a great holiday tradition. Once you decide on the menu, maybe you can create a chalk board display highlighting your choices; this can become part of your decor.

If you prefer traditional decor, take advantage of the lovely fall colors and make sure to include them within your planned tabletop design.  If you want to go with something different, choose a different main color, like turquoise blue, burgundy or grey and then work in other complementing colors to bring about the desired look you want to display.

Here are a few things to consider as you prepare your table decor:

  • Main table-cloth – select your main color using a solid or pattern
  • Tablecloth accent – use a vintage crocheted tablecloth or a different color cloth to overlay on the main tablecloth
  • Centerpiece – A classic look will include floral arrangements, and if you want to do a more modern look you could use a gourd style vase and mix in a few small trays featuring festive edible fall accents, maybe roasted garlic with thin bread sticks or brie and baked figs.
  • Chargers, plates and napkins – Chargers make a nice simple accent to dress up any table.  Decide if you will use paper napkins or stylish cloth napkins.  When choosing your plates, maybe everyday plates will be perfect or pull out your grandmother’s china for a more elegant venue.
  • Cups, silverware – Will you choose to use plastic cups, don’t forget the sharpie! Or will you use crystal or everyday glassware.  Silverware will also be a choice, and many families pull out their special silverware, which has been used for years on formal holiday dinners, or go for the modern path and use plastic, either way your guests will be amazed at the thought you have placed for this special time with family and friends.

In order to keep your children and grandchildren excited, keep them involved by assigning tasks to help set the table, create handmade name place settings or creative napkin foldings using online video tutorials.  You tube and Pinterest are great places to learn fun ideas to incorporate into your holiday tradition.

Deciding on whether to set your prepared dishes on the dinner table, passing prepared dishes to each other as you feast or create a buffet style serving area is your preference and many times decided based on the number of people attending.  Also keep in mind if you have a separate children’s table, help to coordinate their decor so they get to enjoy the fun of eating at an elegantly styled table.  This is a great time to enjoy stories of Thanksgiving past, while together creating memories to enjoy for many years.

We hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving with many happy memories within your home.