Storage Unit: To Have or Have Not

Storage units in a self storage facility at outdoor

As the amount of baby boomers retiring is growing and more and more millennials are branching out creating a new way of life, escaping the traditional trend of passing furniture and heirlooms from generation to generation – the question arises – what to do with all of this stuff?

Our society as a whole is in a lifestyle shift and although the idea of not hoarding multiple tables and sets of china is not a typical concern of people in their 50s and above, the younger generation is creating an influx of storage units and their desire to be utilized on a fast whim.  The reality is the younger generation is choosing to live more freely and not be bound by stuff.  This presents a question as you get ready to move your parents into assisted living or determining what to do with your parents furnishings as they choose to downsize.  Do you choose to get a storage unit or not?

Storage units were originally designed to be used as a temporary means to “store” items between moves or for shorter periods of time.  For many families the months and sometimes years of storage payments made almost don’t make sense when it comes to comparing the value of items being stored with the cost of long time storage.

If you are in the process of building a custom home, you may want to consider building a storage space within your garage area, added expandable bonus space in attic areas within your home or a detached storage unit.  The cost of long term storage units can be just that – costly!  So instead of throwing money away, plan your home design to include potential storage space for items you may encounter.

The multi-generational way of life is a reality these days, three generations of families living among each other at different stages of their lives and this situation can incur a reason to store practical items.

Before you choose to use a storage unit or determine if adding storage space to your floor plan is practical ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you need all of the items you are wanting to store?
  2. How long do you intend to store these items?
  3. Do these items need to be in conditioned storage space?
  4. Do you have a plan to retrieve the items out of storage?

The last thing you want to experience is paying for a storage unit for a lengthy period only to discover you really didn’t need the items or uncover the items were damaged due to not being in conditioned space, as is the case with artwork or invasive animals nesting in your stored items.  The other reality you do not want to face is realizing 2 years of payments has gone by and you still don’t have a plan to recover your stored items.  Take time to review your options and surely your decision to store or not store will meet your expectations and not put a dent in your budget. To discuss storage options you may want to consider for your new custom built home, visit us at