Steam Baths & Sauna Rooms

Hot spring bath

What was once just a room designed for the simple purpose of toiletries and necessity has grown into one of the most planned out rooms of any new custom home.  Bathrooms have changed so much over the years and we now almost have a sense of entitlement when it comes to creating the relaxing bath space.

In addition to separate tubs and showers, with added water or airstream jets to aide in the relaxation process to extra features like heated bathroom floors, multiple sets of lighting to enhance the mood you are in, while bathing or decorative features like waterfall walls, electric fireplace accents or added plant shelves, the bathroom really can become your space for ultimate relaxation.

Custom homes are typically designed with more custom accents throughout. For many people these custom features may be upgraded trim work or a customized kitchen with professional grade appliances, but for the bath enthusiast these custom selections might include Steam Baths and Sauna Rooms.

In addition to adding these relaxing features, Saunas are known to provide increased circulation, sometimes assisting with lowering blood pressure, improving lung health and provides better muscle relaxation for the entire body.

When it comes to adding these custom features within your home, you have several options.  If you want a unit that will provide the luxury of a jetted bath with the option of having a steam shower unit you can install a fully integrated system that has a variety of panel options, including body spraying systems, steam generators and tempered glass, while still giving you the option of massaging jets as you relax in a heated bath.

healthy wooden steam sauna

Companies like Finnleo provide several options including traditional style sauna rooms to incorporate within your home as well as Infrared Sauna rooms.  With so many options and features you can truly design the perfect sauna room or steam bath area within your at home spa.

The initial expense of adding a custom feature like these can be well appreciated within a few years of use, knowing that you can enjoy the benefits of a spa environment within the comfort of your own home.  Taking time to consider all custom possibilities when it comes to designing and planning your home can be a fun process, and if you haven’t thought of items like these contact us at to learn more about other options you may want to incorporate within your home.