Stairs: Spindles, Posts & Columns


Many people have completed a home remodeling project, or have even had a new home built, and had an afterthought when it was all done that it could have looked much better with a different type of stair and spindle, or a different column on the front porch.

These items often get overlooked in the selection process and we end up just simply inserting something that works, and looks ok, based on the fact that we are already over budget in a few areas.

When you are reviewing your home plan you may want to consider placing these items higher on the list of importance when it comes to your selection and design process.  These simple items can make a huge difference with the look of your home, and can sometimes even make the different between “normal looking” and “extraordinary looking”.  

Think about our interior stair units and balcony areas.  The huge difference between a half wall and a wooden spindle can make all the difference in a foyer, allowing a more open feel.  Now just by adding a metal accent spindle or a twist and basket spindle with a couple of decorative newels adds an even more custom look.

Lockhart A_9317016_4

The stairs in your house can be carpeted, tiled, painted or have a more custom look with stained wooden stair treads.  There are many types of wood to choose from, but Red Oak is fairly typical.  You may want to consider using an Oak tread and a painted riser to give the stair a little dimension.  You can even add inlaid carpeting down the stairs for the rich look of wood and the warmth of carpet.  All of these different options make a big difference in the overall look of your home.

The same idea is true with porch columns and exterior posts.  Many times people fall back on the safe 8” box column or treated 6” post.  These definitely do the job most of the time, but just imagine the difference a craftsman style column or cedar wrapped post could make with the appearance of your home.  Another option may include using a decorative fiberglass column tapered from top to bottom.  The style of your home will dictate the proper types of columns, however sometimes you should think outside of the box and create your home utilizing design elements that you truly love.  Transforming the Architecture style of your home, inside and out, can begin with some minor changes such as columns and interior stair and spindle accents.

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By making the right decisions on these items you will easily add the “Wow effect” in many areas of your home, with a minimum amount of cost when compared to the overall cost of the project.  

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