A common question with scored and stained concrete floors is whether or not there will be cracks in the concrete. While no one can determine prior to installation if the concrete is going to develop cracking, cracks within concrete are likely. This is typically caused by shrinkage. The moisture content in the concrete, when it is first installed, has a lot to do with whether or not cracks may appear once the concrete has entirely cured. Proper installation and qualified professionals may reduce the errors that can create this flaw within concrete installation.

Stained concrete floors are available in many color schemes and by adding a scored design you can choose to layout a border with an accent color. Scoring concrete takes a true artistic talent and not all scored and stained floors are the same. Many installers hand draw their patterns and make sure the layout is pleasing prior to scoring. These patterns can include a hardwood look, brick pavers, large or small tiles or more intricate custom designs.

Working with your installer is important. If you have seen their work, on other job sites, or you trust their artistic ability you may choose to relay color choices and patterns you like, and then allow them the freedom to design and plan the layout for you, making recommendations they feel will bring about focused attention to your new home. For others, you may choose to go with stained concrete flooring all of the same color throughout the home, which at a later time you could have scored if you choose to do so.

If you choose to only have the stained floors, this process can take place once the foundation is set, prior to framing. It is recommended if you are using a scored pattern to wait until the walls are framed so the patterns will be laid out the right way for each location.

It is important to inform your framer prior to installation, so as they frame the walls unnecessary holes are not placed within the foundation and the right color chalk can be used so it doesn’t interfere with your future floor patterns. In some cases the stained floors will be installed prior to the paint within the home and if this occurs, you want to make sure the painters are aware there will be stained or scored concrete floors. You may also request once the floors are complete they are covered with protective paper as to not hinder the final appearance. Once the home is complete the concrete finisher will typically return to clean and buff the floors, leaving a nice addition to your new home.

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