As the rainy season moves in and you become more eager to get outdoors, finding things to do around the house can sometimes seem daunting. While it’s always good to catch up on naps, enjoy some sports on TV, or keep up with the daily home chores it’s also a great time to do some of those tasks you might not want to do when the sun is welcoming you outside.

Here are a few productive rainy day projects:

  • Garden Planning

Planning a garden takes time, and during your rainy days this is a great project to tackle.  You can use this time to research new types of vegetables or plants; Get your children involved by grabbing some markers, crayons and large paper or paper bags and map out your garden together.

  • Garage/Craft Room Organization

Rainy days are a great time for organization.  Pick a room that needs some attention and focus on organizing items you use and prepare to haul away items you may no longer need.  Having a few plastic crates, baskets and recycled jars can make this a fun event for your kids too.  You can utilize recycled jars and cans to organize paint brushes, markers or tools in the garage.  A great place to look for rainy day project ideas is Pinterest, where you can find a ton of ideas for any room project.

  • Regular Home Maintenance (checking batteries in smoke detectors, changing air filters, etc.)

Regular home maintenance should probably be on your calendar anyway, however getting around to these things sometimes fall to the not so important list.  Take the time to catch up on these maintenance tasks on rainy days and have peace of mind when it comes to keeping your home safe and running efficient.  You can also take this time to create a fire escape plan for you and your family.

  • Checking for Leaks

While no one enjoys a leak, during the rainy days this is a great time to look around the house to make sure your home is sealed up and water isn’t making its way inside.  Common places to look for leaks will be around windows and doors, garage doors, sky lights, vents and chimneys. You may also want to check to make sure your gutters aren’t clogged up and that there is proper drainage within flower beds leading water away from the home.  If you discover you have a leak, you want to remedy the situation so that long term water exposure doesn’t create larger problems.

There is plenty to do on rainy days, from enjoying a marathon movie day, baking goodies for the week or making those rainy days as productive as you choose.  Feel free to share some fun ideas for the family to do together or projects that can be done at home while listening to the rain!

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