Minimalist decor is very popular these days. More and more we are seeing people opting for the muted hues in their paint choices as well as fabrics. While this can be beautiful and understated, sometimes it’s fun to play with color to give your room an unexpected touch.

Do you have a room in your home that is just missing something? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know it needs that finishing touch. It might just need a pop of color! Now that it’s Spring, this would be a great time to spruce up your space with something bright.

Does 60-30-10 mean anything to you? Well, it’s about to make your interior design world a whole lot brighter! No pun intended. When decorating, this sequence of numbers explains what percentage of the room belongs to a dominant, secondary, and accent color.

60% of a dominant color

30% of a secondary color

10 % of an accent color

To make our live’s even easier, lets break it down by the layout of the room itself.

60% of the room’s color is the walls

30% of the room’s color is the upholstery

10% of the room’s color is an accent piece

Now don’t panic! You don’t need to repaint your entire house. There are some very easy ways to incorporate color without having to do an entire interior makeover or breaking into the piggy bank!

  • Textiles – a few throw pillows and a throw blanket might just do the trick.  If you are up for it, add a bold rug. (Tip: Choose three patterns that “work” but don’t necessarily match and mix them.)
  • Paint a piece of furniture – A dated piece of furniture becomes brand new again when you paint a few  coats of a bright color onto it.
  • Use fabrics as wall decor – Find a fabric that you love and frame it or Mod-Podge it.
  • Add accessories – Add color subtly with a grouping of vases or even some colored kitchen utensils.
  • Bloom your room – Plants and flowers are a perfect way to add an organic element (every room should have at least one) and color too.

Need a little design inspiration? Here are a few examples of creative ways to incorporate color into a space.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 4.25.48 PM

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