Pet Solutions Built Into Your Home

Man and his dog doing renovation work at home

It seems as though our pets have increasingly become more a part of our life than ever before. Years ago many families had their little furry friends, but didn’t seem to engage as much as many of us do these days. We buy clothes for them, we try to make sure we give them the best food, designer food bowls, and even include them in family portraits sometimes.

With this new found love of pets, many have also started thinking about everyday solutions that make this relationship a little more convenient, and a lot less work. A home is a sanctuary for us, and for our pets. We are moving more and more toward practical ways to make the everyday routine a little more fun, and enjoyable. This includes cat walks, integrated wall aquariums, moisture balanced herpetariums, etc.

Among all of the new found inclusions being added to our homes, there are many items we can implement into construction and design that will offer benefits for years to come. One thing we recommend for people with k9 friends would be a pet wash station. This may sound like a complicated feature, but it may just consist of a hot and cold exterior hose bib, and a gravel bed or concrete pad so the wash spot doesn’t get muddy.

Dog and cat doors are also becoming more popular these days.  This gives our friends a way to go out to stretch their legs, or take a bathroom break without the necessary human assistant.  These doors have been improved greatly over the last few years, and come in many sizes, with many features to choose from. During construction of your new home you may also decide to strategically place interior doors so different zones of the home can be closed off to your pet.

Cute ginger cat siting on window sill and waiting for something. Fluffy pet looks in window.

For the cat loving family, it has become more popular to include a proper cat habitat when building your new home.  This could include real catwalks high on the walls, or even on plant ledges, so that our feline friends can navigate from room to room at a higher elevation, while avoiding any ground situations with any other pets that may be in the house. The catwalks can lead to a concealed litter box, using void areas below the stairs, or maybe even on an attic wall. This helps hide the litter box, while keeping it fully accessible by our cats. A simple inclusion that all cats love are window seats, allowing them to lay at the window sill and look out over the property, while in the interior safety of the home.

One of the more extravagant construction considerations regarding pets has to be a moisture balanced and separate heating zone used as a herpetarium. This type of area is usually the size of a closet, and may include a glass door, and additional interior window for easy viewing of the reptile living within. These rooms not only stay at the proper humidity, they also include heat lighting, and misters to add comfort to the scaly inhabitants. 

In short, the day of the turtle box and dog pen may be numbered, as new ideas flow into the construction stages of our new homes. With smart wired doggie areas, automatic gates, auto feeders and fresh water stations our life is becoming easier, so the time we have with our pets may become more enjoyable.

As you plan your custom home, consider what options you may want to include for your pets and visit us at to learn more about these special areas within your home design.