Painting Ideas

Living room interior design

When you decide to build a custom home you know once the home is built, you will eventually have to make selections for paint colors, as well as other material selections that will eventually be incorporated into the home.  When it comes to paint, you have so many options in addition to just color.  We have touched on the different types of paint finishes in another blog, where you can learn more about Satin, Egg Shell, Flat, Matte and Semi-gloss paint.  In addition to all of these types of paints, you also have many other ideas you can consider when it comes to customizing your home with paint applications.

Accent walls have been a huge hit within the home design phase of construction for many years now and although this is a nice addition to most rooms, you may want to consider adding a mural or textured wall as a focal point or to help create a more customized look within your home.

Faux finishes, like a linen finish or leather-look can give a more lavish feel to a small half bath or foyer.  You always have the option of utilizing different types of building materials like bricks, vigas, wood paneling or decorative trim to create an accent you may like and have it painted to bring about the look you are going for.

Other popular options include floral or wave pattern wall textures, which can be painted to match the wall color you have chosen for any particular room, they also look great in contemporary style homes when left painted white.  If you choose to install wall accents like rustic barn wood, you can always paint them to have a bleached look, which is perfect for the coastal themed room or add more bold colors for a lively addition to any space.

Murals, which were once very popular, have made a comeback over the years and are being incorporated into many kids rooms.  Even simple murals, using cds and rulers to create a painted style headboard or free-handing a zebra accent wall within a room is sure to bring your finishing touch to the most epic design within your home.

As you design your home, visit sites like Pinterest and to visualize even more painting ideas and options you may want to incorporate within your home.  Visit us at for more information on available painting options as you look for the home you want to build.