More than just a trendy fad within the custom kitchen today, painted cabinets have been an ideal selection within home designs for years. More and more people are choosing painted cabinets as an option for their homes because of the variety of colors and finishes available and the overall unique look it provides within custom homes.  There are a variety of options, colors and patterns that can be applied to most cabinets.

Painted cabinets are generally for those who enjoy a pop of color and wish to offer a focal point within their kitchen among their selections for flooring, countertops and wall colors.  You can truly make a statement by adding painted cabinets to your kitchen. Imagine a light maple cabinet kitchen design with a bold red or yellow island – the color is sure to grab your attention!

When you are designing your kitchen cabinet layout, decide if you are going to use a new pre-painted cabinet or new cabinets that will need to be painted.  Make sure you are working with a reputable painter to determine what type of paint is best for the type of cabinets you will be installing.  This may assure your cabinets don’t start flaking once you move in to your new home.  Painting cabinets can vary depending on the type of material the cabinets are made of and making sure the proper prep work is done can ensure the finished product has the finish you desire..

When selecting painted cabinets you can opt to go with a solid color or incorporate a faux finish or vintage/antique look.  You can add several types of distressed appearances or opt for a clean, glossy or matte finish.

Painted cabinets can offer a modern look, and while sometimes more expensive than traditional cabinets may be the perfect fit for your new custom home.  Explore color options and make sure to discuss any ideas with your building consultant to get recommendations and ideas regarding your painted cabinets.  As with any building product, make sure you understand how to properly maintain the cabinets over the years to keep the cabinets looking beautiful for years to come.

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