Outdoor Play Areas For All Ages

Designing your custom home can be a fun experience, yes there are many things you will consider and reconsider, especially when it comes to making sure everything you want to have within your home can fit into your budget, but you are sure to enjoy the process. When you consider the options available don’t forget to overlook the outdoor living spaces of your home. We live and enjoy the inside of our homes on a daily basis, but what about the outside areas we occasionally enjoy throughout the year?

Boys by tree house

Think about all of the possibilities when it comes to creating outdoor play areas for both the young and young at heart! Most every child dreams of having a tree house or play house where they can let their imagination run wild and enjoy being a kid. Tree houses can be as custom as you want them, possibly adding a rock wall entrance and a zip-line exit or transfer from multiple tree houses or play areas for kids. 

Multi Generation Family Playing Volleyball In Garden

A pool is still a classic outdoor fun area bringing much enjoyment to all ages for many years, but think about your pool parties, who will be there, and what will the kids, who may not swim, do to entertain themselves? Why not consider creating a shaded play area with horseshoes and rope or tire swings and adjacent to this area you may develop a sand filled volleyball court.

Single father wit his children. Caucasian family playing basketball together. Single father spending time with his children.

Tennis and basketball are also fun outdoor play areas and while many people don’t consider adding these full size courts to their outdoor play areas, you have several options to create a fun miniature version, which allows for both sports to be enjoyed on the same court.

The best friends playing together

For younger children you can’t go wrong with swings, slides and customized playground equipment.  To encourage family style fun interaction consider options like a miniature golf area, a Frisbee golf course, archery trail or soccer goals for those who love to get out and kick the ball around.

Obviously the size of your lot or land is going to determine the amount of outdoor play area you can incorporate within your overall home plan.  Adults and children alike will love spending more time outdoors engaging in activities they can do together and create lasting memories for many years to come.

While planning your home, make sure to explore all of the opportunities for outdoor play areas for all ages and create an outdoor living space people will be talking about!

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