As you review home plans, envision how the landscape plan can become part of the home.  The relaxing environment of a beautifully landscaped area can indeed be a vital part of your comfort while you enjoy your new custom home.

Landscaping can prove to be expensive at times, especially when you don’t have a plan in place.  As you build your new custom home, whether you choose to build for yourself or use a reputable builder, most likely you will begin with a standard landscape package.  There are plenty of ways to brighten up your landscaping while maintaining a reasonable budget.

First, understand most lavish landscaped homes have been created over time.  A few things to consider when preparing for your landscaping project include:

  • Knowing your climate zone
  • Knowing and understanding which climate zone you live in will help you to determine the best plants to use within your landscaping project.  There are beautifully thriving flowers and plants in each of these areas, so taking the time to research is an important place to begin.
  • Perennials vs. Annuals
  • Perennials are the type of flowers that grow each year and return the following year.  Annuals are the flowers that bloom only the year they are planted.  It is great to have some annuals as filler among your flower garden, however planting perennials, designed to return each year, will brighten your days as they bloom and save some time and money along the way.
  • Local Plant Exchanges or garden clubs

Most communities have a plant exchange coop, garden clubs or other groups of people who enjoy learning about and cultivating plants.  Many of these groups trade plants or can offer experiences on how to grow plants and proper maintenance of a home vegetable or flower garden.  There are even some organizations that focus on plant rescue, and as a member of these types of groups you may be able to transplant some of the rescued native plants in your own yard.

Of course, once you have planned your layout, chosen and planted your plants, it is important to make sure you are watering the plants as needed.  Make sure to plan the perfect location for hose bibs  around the exterior of your home. Other items you may want to consider when planning your landscape project, and keeping a budget in mind, are rain barrels, sprinkler systems, misting stations or lined bed watering options as well as ponds, arbors and don’t forget the bench, so you can rest and enjoy the nature around you.  Discuss your landscaping options with your building consultant to create a plan that will fit in your budget and be a delight upon everyday living in your new custom home.

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