So how do you plan properly for the future construction of your home?

This situation can work in two different ways – for some people they choose their dream house plan first and then set out to find the perfect lot or piece of land.  For others, the land or lot is already secured and the time has come to build. Both circumstances can ultimately result in the custom home you want.

Whether you have the land or not yet, there are several things you’ll need to know about your land or should consider as you select your lot:

  • Do you have any covenants or building restrictions to follow?
  • Is your lot going to require a septic system, is it part of a community treatment center or will it be connected to city or county clean-outs?
  • Is the electricity in your area overhead or underground?
  • Are you going to select gas, propane, electric, solar options or geo-thermal utility resources?
  • Is your house pad location already cleared or will you have to cut trees to clear a house pad and a driveway?

There are certainly a lot of things to think about before the construction process begins.  Having a licensed builder involved along the way can truly help relieve what could become a headache in the building process.

Many people set out to build the American Dream and feel as though they can save a lot of money if they build it on their own without professional assistance.  Please note, this can happen, but all too often the story after construction is complete reveals a different appreciation for the experience of a professional and reputable builder.  In many cases when people choose to build without an experienced builder, the American Dream is converted to a nightmare.

In the same way, we can all probably pull our own teeth out if they were hurting bad enough – not many of us choose to do this, we seek professional assistance and the process is much less painful and saves money and time in the long run.

The building process is very similar – so why choose to learn lessons the hard way when you can choose to make your building experience a reliable and enjoyable one – and most importantly, keep it within a reasonable budget.

If you have chosen your lot first, once you have some basic knowledge of your lot or land in hand, it is time to start looking for the desired custom house plan.

There are countless plans to choose from and most plans can be changed or modified to meet the exact expectations of you and your family.

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