For many years the most popular flooring was laminate flooring.  Once the tile rage made it to the stage of home improvements laminate flooring took a back seat, however with new technology laminate flooring is making a comeback for some modern-day homes.

When considering upgrade options for a new custom home, flooring is one area where tile is generally a standard for most hard-surfaced areas.  If this is the case you may choose to go with the standard tile available for your new build, or you may choose to exchange the standard tile for an upgraded laminate option.  The upgraded laminates today include many textured styles and multiple patterns that give the look, and in some cases an even better appearance of tile flooring or hardwood.

Technology has made laminate flooring more attractive.  Laminate flooring provides an option for those who are staying within a reasonable budget, without sacrificing style.  Keeping a tight budget can be an important part of any new home construction and with all of the available options within each area of the home make sure to consider laminate flooring as a budgetary option.

Vinyl flooring comes in sheets, and square tiles.  The tiles are available in several different sizes varying from 12-inch – 16 inch square and hardwood patterns as 36-inch sections more designed to look like planks of wood.

Laminate wood flooring is also a popular option to natural hardwood flooring, which can be quite a bit more expensive.  Laminate flooring is a synthetic multi-layered product that contains a moisture barrier, layers of fiber board and topped with a clear coat to provide the overall look of hardwood.  The lifetime of your flooring product depends some on the ongoing maintenance, so make sure to understand your product and use suggested cleaning methods to keep your floors looking beautiful for many years.

Once you have made the decision to use laminate or vinyl flooring in your new custom home, make sure to use reputable installers.  A trustworthy builder has vetted vendors and suppliers and is more likely to have worked through some issues that you, as a consumer, may not be aware of. Proper installation of flooring products may prevent undesired warranty claims or resolutions.

As you make the important decisions involved with building a new custom home, make sure to take time to educate yourself with products that are available and depend on reputable manufacturers, suppliers and vendors to deliver a finished room you are sure to enjoy.  Inquire with your building consultant to discuss available options for laminate and vinyl flooring within your home.

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