In today’s society it is common to hear about a mother or father moving in with their adult children or adult children, possibly grandchildren moving back in with their parents.

Regardless of the circumstance, there may be times which call for multiple families to reside under the same roof. This dynamic can have many blessings, and it can also have its share of more desired space. When properly planned, the environment can prove to be beneficial for all parties living within the home.

If you are in the process of designing and building your new custom home this may be an area you haven’t thought much about but may want to consider. As you think about your family dynamics and whether this possibility may be a reality for you at some point in the future here are a few options you may want to discuss with your building consultant:

Stubbing in for future plumbing

-You may not need additional plumbing at the time you build your home, but for a lower cost now you could potentially save some money in the future by planning where future plumbing could be installed and making the necessary steps to have this option incorporated within your existing floor plan.  Your building consultant will gladly assist you with proper placement for this type of addition.

Creating multiple living spaces

-Another area to consider may be multiple living spaces.  In some instances a separate living room may be used for children as they are growing up, or if you have multiple families you may choose to plan for this layout to offer separate living areas for the different families living under one roof.  Some floor plans with basements or added bonus rooms on an upper level may offer the availability for this type of functional space.  If you consider the long term use of this area, you may also want to plan for  additional living spaces to be in an area of the home where, when not being used, you have the option to “close off” this area of your home to save on utility expenses.  This may require additional planning for the heating and cooling of the home and this can be discussed with your builder to best meet the needs of your situation.

Incorporate an in-law suite within your chosen floor plan

-There is a wave of in-law suites being added to pre-existing homes within our society today and in many cases these in-law suites are being built within what was once a garage, basement or attic/bonus area in an upper level of the home. While this is a viable option, if planned accordingly as you design and build your new home, you may be able to make this area of your home as comfortable and affordable for those who may at some point reside alongside you and your immediate family.

Plan for separate exterior entrances for added privacy

-Whether you have college aged children or adult children and grandchildren living at home or an older parent living among you, it may be a desired option to incorporate a private separate exterior entrance to the home.  While living together under one roof does provide many benefits, there may be the need to continue to offer some privacy where this living arrangement is made.  If this is an option you have considered as important within your new home, take a look with your building consultant to locate a nice spot for multiple private entrances to your home.  You may have to move a few walls or redesign a portion of the home, but in the end you will have a custom home designed and built for this type of situation, and one that may not find itself too costly as it would be if unplanned.

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