The attic of your new custom dream home is more important than you may think. The attic consists of any space under your roof and above the top ceiling. Depending on the style and construction  you choose, your attic space may be a crawl space or  area large enough to use as storage or even make into separate rooms. The one notable exception will be if your custom house is built with roof trusses. In this case you won’t be able to use the area for storage.

Storage  – If your new custom home has an attic space suitable for storage, your new custom home might homes have attic spaces which can be used for storage.  First of all don’t go putting too much weight on that attic floor.Because attic walls are usually not insulated, the area in your attic will endure extreme heat and cold temperatures, so don’t be storing anything up there that can be damaged by extreme temps one way or the other.

Insulation  – We have constructed your new custom home to be energy efficient. The attic insulation is part of this overall energy efficiency. Therefore, don’t store anything up there that will crush the insulation. Crushed insulation loses its effectiveness. This is going to be true whether your attic has traditional fiberglass insulation or blown-in cellulose insulation. If you are up there storing and moving things around be careful that no insulation becomes detached or moved. If this happens, replace it or it will interfere with your attic insulation and ventilation.This includes any insulation covering the opening of your attic; a lot of heat and cooling can be lost through the attic entrance if it is not properly insulated.

Note: If you are up there working with the insulation, be careful. Wear protection for your skin, eyes and nose.

Louvers  –  A lot of attics have louvers in them for warm, moist air to breath out. Make sure nothing is obstructing these louvers. Harmful moisture can accumulate in attics when louvered ventilation is blocked.

To imagine how your attic may be used as a storage facility or even be converted to a spare room, go over your Free House Plans with your custom home building consultant.

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