The house is in the field

The hustle and bustle of everyday life has driven many people to rethink what they consider to be their normal lifestyle and as a result there is a growing population leaning towards selling their everyday items and moving out to a rural area and begin homesteading.  While the idea of living on a farm and growing your own food, while raising a family of farm animals does have a sense of more “living” and less hustle and bustle, there are things you want to consider to make your homesteading venture a successful one.

The first thing to consider when making this leap is to make sure your home still offers you the comforts you may be used to, without throwing you for a spin along the way.  A lot of people think of homesteading as living off the grid and creating a home environment off the land.  While there is a wide variety of homesteading methods, finding your comfort level is the first place to start.  Understand what homesteading means to you and create your custom home around your expectations.

You can design a custom home that has features like custom bathrooms and large living areas, while adding small features like larger wood burning fireplaces and wood burning stoves, allowing you to pull off the grid or still live comfortably during a winter power outage.

The young cow and the pig

Having an area where your farm animals are comfortable and out of harm’s way is an important factor.  Living on a hobby farm is a lot different than fully homesteading a larger piece of property and both come with a lot of extra daily activities like mending fences and making sure your animals have daily food and water.  Creating barns and feeding stations that incorporate your outdoor living spaces can make for a more easily manageable daily routine.  Make sure your driveway and access to your barn locations are easily accessible and will not be damaged too badly during torrential weather.

Another area to consider is your garden.  You want to make sure you place your garden in proper lighting and in close proximity to water access.  If you consider the full layout for your property, the goals you have in mind when it comes to your homesteading plan and your daily routines, you can create an environment you and your family are sure to enjoy for many years to come. Planning your homesteading venture can begin small and grow each year, but putting your plan on paper will help you work through some of the design issues and create a workable space to live and prosper.  For more information on designing a custom plan for your homesteading lifestyle visit us at