Home Paneling & Partitions

beautiful house, interior, view of the kitchen.

Back in the 60’s and 70’s wall paneling was one of the go to wall finishes.  There was a period in time where drywall wasn’t an option, or perhaps there were not many drywall companies to handle the work load.  During this time home options would be an exposed lath system, a plastered lath system, wood plank, or wood paneling.  Plaster was a popular option during this time period but was sometimes cost prohibitive.  Wood paneling was a solid option for a while because it was economical, and also gave a wood finished look, which became a popular solution for many homes.

Once drywall became more popular, many builders switched from paneling to drywall to save money, and to offer a new look for new homes.  Eventually drywall was about the only wall finish being installed within the home building market.  People really liked the drywall because it had a nice clean look, was paint friendly, and proved to be easy to repair if it was damaged.  After some time, different types of finishes re-entered the equation so there would be other options to choose from, in addition to standard drywall.  These drywall finishes include textured (orange peel) finishes, knock down finishes, patterned finished, splatter finishes, etc.  

We are now at a point in home design, where wood paneling is making a comeback.  The difference this time is the installation of various wood accents on walls, not just the wood-look panels. Many people like to mix the wood paneling and drywall finishes for unique accents in different rooms of the home.  Much of the paneling looks the same as it did years ago, but there are some new options to choose from as well.  There are different patterns and styles, both options available as paintable and stainable.  Some panel materials are made to look like a tongue and groove wood, and some look distressed or like a sun bleached wood.  

Partitions have gone through many of the same changes over the years, and have grown into an industry of its own.  You can find panelized partitions, or you can choose to custom build the partitions in your home to match the wall types and trim finishes used throughout the home.  

Many plans are designed now using lower partition walls between areas allowing natural light to flow through parts of the home without the need for additional windows in some applications.  We can add a plant ledge to the tops of these partitions and have a focal accent wall in an area that otherwise may be a little plain.

Home wall paneling and interior partitions are definitely a couple of areas to display creative flair and make your home look more custom.  Consider adding a wall of reclaimed barnwood with a diagonal pattern as a wall feature within a living room or bring in horizontal planked wood or partitioned wall sections to add a decorative touch to small areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms.  Think about the places you could use these accents, and see how creative you can get.  There are many ways to customize a home, and even with tight budgets, you can still incorporate designs within your home to create a unique masterpiece.  For more information on different types of wall options, paneling or partitions feel free to visit us AmericasHomePlace.com.