Hanging Art

Hanging art might seem like a no brainer, however did you know when it comes to hanging art there really are a few guidelines you should consider. First off, since art is known to be in the eye of the beholder, then the same should be true for hanging art. While some people enjoy hanging one piece of art within a room and allowing it to be the central focus, others love pairing and grouping art to be multi-focal.

The actual hanging part of art can require a few tools. You want to make sure you have the proper hanging system to display the artwork. There are several options for hanging art, you could choose to install picture hanging trim, which is typically located under the crown molding. This system will allow you to hang the art via wire and allow the art to almost look as though it is floating on the wall. Other options, which are more practical for most of us include metal picture hangers and command strips.

When using metal picture hangers you want to make sure you are using the right size for the weight of the art. By doing so, your chances of having the art damaged due to falling off the wall at some point will be reduced significantly. You should also make sure the actual wire attached to the back of the artwork is properly secured. Older pieces of art sometimes have frayed wires that may need to be restrung.

Command Strips have become a popular way to hang art as they are designed to allow items to be hung up without damaging or altering the paint or wall. Go to command.com to learn more about this system and the products they have to help you hang your art.

In addition to finding the perfect way to hang your art, you have the option to have hidden wall hangers or use wall hangers that add to the overall look of the art, by having exposed hangers.

Other small tools useful in hanging art include torpedo levels or stud finders. Using these tools can help to make sure you are placing your artwork in a secure location on the wall and also assist in making sure you are hanging it level.

A popular way to display family pictures or children’s art is grouping items together in the pattern that works for you. You may choose to place a selection of art displaying an encouraging scripture or unique quote in the center of the wall space and then utilize the surrounding space to puzzle in pieces that will complement each other.

When it comes to hanging art, another aspect you may want to consider has to do with proper lighting to accent your artwork. Overall, the art within your home can be as unique as your home and there really is no right or wrong way to display your artwork. Be creative and enjoy having a space that looks good to you and your family!