Gutters offer many types and styles to choose from. These include general gutters, contemporary style, french country and old world just to name a few. The style of gutter chosen typically accents the home in a decorative way. There are several sizes and plenty of accessories available to enhance performance and the overall look.

One misconception about gutters is that they are designed to shield flower beds and walkways from pouring water off the roof. In fact, they are designed to keep water away from the foundation of the home, where unwanted moisture could lead to problems for the home. Once installed properly, gutters can also create positive drainage with the use of splash blocks or gutter extensions, both which are designed to carry water away from the house.

The types of gutters vary. There are shallow gutter styles which offer a sleek and almost unnoticeable appearance and there are deep gutters that can be accessorized with decorative heads or bold colors to make the gutter a part of the exterior design of the home. Homes with high roof pitches may have larger gutters to manage the amount of water coming off the roof. There are also many types of downspouts. These range from rigid shaped, rounded rectangular styles, smooth rounded styles and cascading water downspouts, which is more decorative.

Although not required, there are many gutter accessories that have useful functions. Installing leaf guards within the gutter will assist with keeping leaves and twigs from clogging the gutters.

Gutters are designed to reduce rain noise from water running off of the house and prevent wood near the soffit areas from not being over saturated, thus carrying the water away from the area. While gutters are not a required addition to your new custom home, you may want to discuss gutters, available accessories and added features with your building consultant to determine if this is a feature your new home may benefit from. If you choose to incorporate gutters into your home design, make sure to learn about ways you can properly maintain the gutters to avoid other unnecessary problems. It is also advised to use a reputable vendor to assure proper installation which could also avoid potential issues with unwanted moisture.

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