Gearing up for the Summer Season

Family with children running at the beach

As Summer approaches many people will be thinking about children being out of school, planning summer vacations and camps and looking for ways to enjoy the warm summer months.  Gearing up for the summer season is always fun, but there are a few things you may want to do in order to have a good summer season.

Senior man opening air conditioning filter in ceiling

In regards to your home, it may be time to change your air filters, also have your HVAC system checked early in the season to keep from running into problems or waking up in the middle of summer to a unit that isn’t working properly.  During the summer months HVAC companies can become back logged and it may take a few days to get someone out to your house – so be proactive about your home maintenance.  You will also want to make sure your gutters are cleaned out so as the spring and summer rains come in you don’t encounter unwanted leaks or puddles in your landscaping.  To avoid excessive mosquitoes, make sure empty flowerpots or other pails, tubs or outdoor accessories are turned upside down to keep from retaining water and creating a mosquito breeding ground!

Paper wasp nest on triangular roof siding

Summertime can also bring about unwanted pests like wasps.  As you get your home ready for the summer season, go ahead and walk around your home and remove any wasp nests that may be hiding between fence posts or under the eaves of your home.  This is also a good time to update your pest control contract, or find organic ways to deter spiders and other creepy crawlies from nesting around your living space.

For your everyday ventures, make sure you have plenty of water around the house for kids to drink and encourage them to make some homemade popsicles or frozen grapes to snack on.  Making sure you have sunscreen on hand is also a great way to ensure you and your kids are enjoying summer safely.

For those of you who may live in a coastal area, review your hurricane preparedness plan and make sure you have the items recommended for a safe summer season.

Before you run out and gas up the boat and gear up for all the family fun summer months can bring, make sure you take the time to address your home maintenance needs and put a little preparedness into your summer planning.

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