Gas Lamps

Antique Lantern

Gas lamps are becoming more popular with many builds and remodels these days. With an increased appreciation for this artistic flair, homeowners now have a large assortment of lamps that are available. Adding gas lamps is a great way to add decorative lighting with function instead of just design. Many people look to upgrade their lighting so their house is more unique, and more reflective of their individual style and taste.  Light fixtures are a great way to customize your home, and with the proper forward thinking, you may consider a wide variety of “different” lighting options. Electric and gas are the two go to options. Choosing a nice gas lamp as an accent piece somewhere in the home, or even for your exterior bracket fixtures, makes for a unique addition to your new home.

Gas lighting was fairly common at one time because of the limited resources of electricity to outlying areas. This lighting was usually in the form of a propane or oil lantern. The gas light, with the natural flickering appeal brings about an old world feel to contemporary farm houses or rustic décor. This light source brings about a unique feature while providing ample lighting.

Artificial lighting (electric lighting) can sometimes be too bright, or too soft, or maybe give some kind of tint to the room because of the type of bulb, etc. It is difficult to achieve the proper light quality in some applications. If you have an area of your home, where properly lighting this area is not giving you the look you are going for, consider a gas lamp for this area. This may not solve the problem, but will likely be more visually satisfying simply because it is a more natural option.

If there is no option to add a gas lamp to the interior of the home, there is always the option to add a gas lamp or gas light pole to the outside of the home. There is something nice about seeing a gas lamp post in someone’s yard, or gas lamps accenting a landscape area along a walkway or gated entrance. Gas coach lights at a front door automatically associate the house as being a more custom home. So as you consider all of the possible options to customize your new home, consider placement and gas lighting options in areas like dining rooms, a home library or customized hallway featuring artwork, or along the exterior of the home.

There is a wide variety of fixtures with gas options, so any home style can include this custom feature. For more information about Gas Lamps and lighting and how it pertains to your new custom home feel free to contact us at