Each New Year brings a myriad of people away from their normal routines flooding to gyms and personal trainers across the nation.  If you are in the market for a new home, a fitness room may be a feature you want to consider.

Here are a few things you may want to think about when designing your fitness room:

  • Equipment type
  • Ceiling fans & vent placement
  • Mirrors
  • Customized Built-ins
  • Water Station

Many people building a new home fail to think about all of the ways in which they actually live each day.  This is how fitness areas end up in garage spaces and exercise equipment lands in bedrooms and living rooms instead of a perfectly designed fitness room.

Planning your fitness room will ensure you have the amount of space you need for equipment like rowing machines, treadmills and other free standing exercise machines. While you do not have to have a huge area to create a nice fitness environment within your home, planning for machines you actually use or desire to incorporate will be the start to any planned fitness space.

Once you have narrowed down the equipment you want to include, you want to consider keeping the area comfortable.  Proper ceiling fans and vent placement will help with cooling the room during workouts.  You may want to consider adding a separate air zone for this room if it will be heavily used. Another design idea you want to incorporate is window placement, so you have the advantage of utilizing natural light and cool breezes during certain times of the year.

Some fitness rooms may be the size of a standard bedroom, while others may be closer to a large master suite, or even larger.  If you want to create the appearance of a larger space, add a mirror. Mirrors can be placed to help the room feel more open and help with making sure your form is accurate, as you exercise.

Customized shelving or built-ins can nicely store items like medicine balls, yoga mats, towels and other fitness accessories. A section of the fitness room can be stationed with a small refrigerator to hold water bottles or possibly use an independent water dispersing system.

Fitness rooms are a great addition to any custom home.  Creating a comfortable and functional environment to promote healthy living within your family is a great reason to consider this option. For more information about this topic and how it applies to your new custom home, contact us at AmericasHomePlace.com