Creating Themed Rooms

Spacious travel-themed bedroom

We all know that design is really in the details.  You could have five people build the exact same floor plan and set them loose to design the home décor around their tastes and styles and each of the homes will inevitably have a different feel about it. Some homes just feel more comfortable, while others are just simply lived in and not much thought goes into the color schemes, art combinations and layout and textures of the furniture, etc.

Creating themed rooms within your home décor can be a fun experience and truly create an inviting space for you to enjoy week after week.  It can also be a great bonding experience with your teenage child, helping them to uncover some of who they are and creating a comfortable space for them to engage in time with friends or school work.

So where do you begin?  Grab a notebook and jot down some of your favorite colors, hobbies, things you enjoy gazing at or consider locations that offer a relaxing feel.  Think about the Grand Canyon, the open spaces, vast colors complimenting each other, the geometric shapes formed by years of erosion and now consider bringing these natural elements and colors into your themed living room décor. You can start by finding a neutral color, like Sherwin Williams Malabar and pair it up with an accent wall using Sherwin Williams color Rojo dust.  This will immediately bring in some of the deep clay and natural colors into your living space where you can then add in a rustic leather couch, a throw rug, accent tables adorned with live succulents like jade plants or various cactus and classic art to dress up the walls.  If you are sticking with the southwestern theme, you may enjoy artwork like those of JH Sharp, Georgia O’Keeffe, Amando Pena or RC Gorman.

Astrology themed bedroom for kid

Nautical themed bathroom with a blue bath tub, 3d render.

Stylish gallery themed day room

For others, a more relaxing themed room may include Coastal themed colors with relaxing hues, white or light colored furniture, accents like driftwood, led candles and photographs of your family vacations at the beach hanging on the wall.

Feel free to explore and have fun with creating different themed rooms throughout your house and you are sure to enjoy the space you create.  A home should be enjoyed and lived in, but is also a place of peace and relaxation, somewhere to unwind and regroup. 

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