In today’s world of plans and lot options we sometimes get overwhelmed with trying to make everything perfect.  You want the perfect house on the perfect lot, in the perfect neighborhood or on the perfect piece of property. Based on all the variables, this can sometimes seem to be a tall order. There are ways to compromise in certain areas without making it seem like anything was compromised.

At the end of the day your goal is to create an inviting home, which is warm and comfortable for yourself and your family to enjoy. This comes in many different forms, but one huge part of the process is making sure you take advantage of the natural beauty within sight, inside and out.

If your home will be placed on a higher elevation, consider placement of the windows to enjoy the view of beautiful sunsets in the evenings.  You will also want to plan your home so the hot afternoon sun isn’t bombarding your living room from windows that are directly across from the television.  Positioning your bedroom windows with morning light, may bring about a natural way of awakening each day.  As you review your lot and your selected home plan, think about garage placement, deciding if the garage should face left or right.  As you look at both options, try to determine which direction may offer the best privacy for those days you are in the garage tinkering on your car or shooting hoops with the kids.

Each room of the house matters when it comes to creating a view inside and out.  If it is a living area where you and your family relax, make sure it has soft light and is oriented to take advantage of any natural beauty on your lot, or in the distance.  Bedrooms work best focusing on the theme of the room, with any type of scenery outside being a secondary consideration.  Your master bedroom is primarily a private retreat, a place to unwind, possibly lounging in the bed watching a movie on lazy evenings.  It too can take advantage of views, or leave those views for shared living space throughout your home.

Once all the natural beauty outside has been considered, it is time to decorate each room, based on your style and preference.  If you have a mountain view from your Living room you may decide to integrate some rustic features or a nice stone surround at your fireplace, etc.  These items help to tie the inside of the home to the outside.  Of course it can work with whatever the view may be.  It could be pasture land, or a nice park like setting.  It may be a lake view, or a view of some large Oak trees.  Whatever it is can be pulled into the interior home décor as much as desired.  It just takes a little imagination, and sometimes it becomes a work in progress, getting better with time.

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