If you are like most owners of a new custom home, your kitchen countertops were chosen carefully and you have big plans for them! That’s excellent. Now, how do you care for them?

Caring for your new countertops is pretty much intuitive. A majority of countertops are generally resistant to heat and stains. Other countertops may require you to refrain from setting hot pans or baking dishes on them fresh from the oven.

It’s important not to use your countertops as a cutting board either, unless you want scratches or nicks in the surface. If your new custom kitchen doesn’t have a built-in butcher’s block, consider getting a portable cutting board and use that for cutting your food.

Cleaning countertops depends on the material it is made from. Plastic-coated wood or metal countertops clean up nicely with a detergent solution.

Marble countertops require some special attention. They are pretty easily stained and scratched, so look over your manufacturer’s literature on care. They will most likely recommend sealing, polishing, and cleaning products just for marble.

With granite you are pretty much home free. They are not as prone to stains and scratching as marble. Ask your hardware or home improvement store to recommend a good polish.

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