If you are building a new home of brick or partial brick you are most likely fully aware of the endless color selections when it comes to brick options. You may also be aware of the available mortar colors and how the finished product can look much different if choosing the same color brick and a different color mortar. This can be an enjoyable time, making the selections for your new custom home.

Did you know there are even more options for your mortar? The design of the mortar can also play a huge part in the way the overall home looks when it is completely built.

Believe it or not there are actually mortar patterns you can choose, and this is yet another way you can give your home an upgraded look without a huge difference in cost. Some custom builders may not even offer these options to their homeowners, but the way I see it is you are building your dream home, and although you might not know every option that is available to you, if you are interested you can certainly find many of them.

If you are building within a neighborhood or subdivision, with covenants, to first inquire or have your selections approved.  Some architectural control committees may or may not allow different mortar styles within your custom home – so better safe than sorry on this note.

Here are some mortar options you may be interested in:

  • Protruding mortar – I prefer to call it rustic or olde world style – but some may just see it as sloppy brick.  Don’t let the name discourage you from one of my favorite styles.  In this flair, the mortar is more heavily applied and as the brick is installed the mortar in a way oozes out between the bricks.  This style adds more depth and can be visually stimulating from the street, leaving one to wonder why this type of brick attracts your eye, more than the one next door.
  • Grapevine mortar – the grapevine mortar is a style that when the mortar is applied there is a thin groove placed in the mortar between the bricks.  This design is more noticed as you approach the home and not as easily seen from the street.  It does provide an overall different look to the home, but many if not detail oriented would never know the difference.

These are just two of the options available for mortar styles.  For more options or to learn about other options you may consider adding to your new custom home contact your building consultant or visit us at