Brass is Back

Modern living room with sofa interior 3d rendering

Every few years within the home construction market, trends change.  From popular paint colors to choosing vinyl over tile, occasionally there is a shift in what the consumer is looking for when it comes to selecting the design elements within their new home.  This year Brass is back – If you can think back over a century ago, maybe even a few centuries, Brass was a popular choice when it came to lighting fixtures, door hardware and most of the metal trimmed products within the home.  A cycle of phasing out the brass and bringing in new finishes like satin nickel or brushed bronze became popular selections within the market a few decades ago and now, as a new generation is helping define the ins and outs of what constitutes comfort within new homes, brass is a returning factor.

Brass today comes in many different finishes and styles and it is making a comeback from tabletop décor, light fixtures, drawer pulls and more.  Today’s brass within the home may not have quite the shine as the previous trendy home accents.  Many people are reaching out to place brushed brass or true vintage fixtures within their home to bring in a certain old world feel to their farm house floor plan or just add some warmth to their new custom home.

Industrial Pendant Light

Some things never go out of style, and for the items that do – they typically come back into style at some point!  A great way to find vintage fixtures is to keep an eye out for people who are updating their homes built in the 40s, 50s and 60s.  A lot of Spanish brass light fixtures made it over to America after WWII and many people may not fully understand what that vintage brass light fixture may be worth.

Another place to look for these “come back” fixtures and décor items is through estate sales and possibly even making a visit to your grandparent’s house.  Brass was a big deal several decades ago and although some new styles of brass décor are being made available in the design world, you are sure to find some more heavy duty vintage looking pieces if you take the time to look.

Brass faucet vintage design on white wash basin

It’s a bit hard to believe that this once popular finish is making a comeback, but surely brass will warm up the interiors of our homes and once again we will enjoy a classic return of style. For a few options, check out or companies like where you are sure to find some nice brass additions for your new home.

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