Boho style Rebound

If you are looking for a new theme within your home décor – instead of the classic lines and design styles, with bold lines and conservative furnishings, why not consider the Boho style.

Boho style lends itself to more curved lines, an overall relaxed environment and bright, fun colors. You may want to consider adding this themed décor in your bedroom, bathroom or everyday indoor/outdoor living space. There are unique décor accents to compliment this style throughout your home:

In the bedroom you may choose to add a mosaic designed wall hanging as a centerpiece to any wall. Possibly incorporate some vibrant colored curtains hanging down from the ceilings, and soft fluffy pillows and throws to adorn the bed. If you want to create a unique curtain, rip sections of materials, denim, old quilts or other curtains and group them together to give a new one of a kind look.

For your bathroom, whether the space is small or not, the overall design can be just as effective. Find a large mirror and spray paint it to match the color pallet in your area. This vibrant splash of color over your vanity will make the room pop. You can add embellishments to the frame of the mirror to add some flair. Maybe incorporate an old wood CD case converted to a wall hanging where you can show off your indoor succulents. Unique Iron lanterns found at stores like Pier 1 imports, World Market or Wayfair can be incorporated to add soft candlelight. As you begin designing your bathroom space you are sure to find some interesting décor to bring it all together.

If you aren’t a fan of the vibrant colors in your living room space, try to incorporate some of the softer pastel colors. With the influx of barn wood and shiplap accented walls you can blend in soft hues of yellow, pink or blue and create a relaxing space you are sure to enjoy. Dream catchers made with recycled materials and grandma’s doilies create nice accents to include in this space. Check these out on Pinterest – which is a great place to use for visual resources until you find the perfect design that works in the space you are decorating.

Kids love big soft, fluffy pillows, vibrant colors and unique art. Creating a kid friendly family space might be the most fun space in the house to create. This space would be a great place to hang out and play board games, video games, a good space to just pile up and read a book or maybe have an area where they can paint or be encouraged to be creative. Allowing the kids to participate in the design of this space will prove to be an area everyone will enjoy throughout the year!

When searching for the perfect decor – check out your local Flea market, Thrift shop or yard sales to find the perfect pieces to incorporate within your new bohemian style décor. You are sure to have fun as you spruce up your new finds and give them a new home in a space you will find extremely relaxing.