Black & White: A Classic Return

White and black bathroom

Have you ever been in a Neoclassical home and enjoyed the open kitchen design and diner style checkered black and white flooring? This is a classic look and as we see more and more people looking to dress up their home interior, the black and white combination is on the rise.

Designing with black and white throughout your home or in themed areas of your home will bring a unique flair to the style you are creating in your new home.

Black and white kitchen design

Modern electric design

Obviously the floor tiles add a solid foundation to a kitchen or other room, you can also choose this scheme in a complementary kitchen design, mix-matching cabinets and bringing in a custom marble or black granite countertop.

Modern minimalism style kitchen and drawing room interior in monochrome

Monochrome living room with wood and grey tiling accents

Comfortable marriage bed

In your main living space you might consider painting your custom built-ins black and let the fire place mantles pop with a matte white finish.  Another nice look is adding a dark stain or black paint to stair treads and painting the risers white.  If these options seem to bold for your style, you can always decorate with black and white home décor like lamps, vases and other decorative accents to bring in this classic flair.

Cozy living room

Elegant bed and lamp

King-size bed between skateboard and plant

Popular selections for wall finishes include painted black and white vertical stripes or custom damask velvet wallpaper which adds an elegant look to your powder room or accent wall in a room you want to dress up; add a decorative chandelier with dangling crystals for the final touch!

If you have decorative columns lining your foyer or dining room, you could incorporate this style to highlight these areas within your home by dressing up white columns with capitals or painting columns solid black.

Another great way to show off this combination is on the exterior of the home. Using a white wood mold brick with black trim and black gutters makes for a clean and classic look. Or design your pergola to feature a black stained wood and vintage strand lights.  Elle Décor and are a few of the interior design sites you can see some of these classic black and white combinations.

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