If you are living in a home that needs to be updated, or in the process of planning your dream home, an area you may want to ponder on is the bathrooms within your home. Depending on the year your home was built you may decide to remove and replace tiles, add a tile shower, take out a garden tub and replace with a large walk in shower, or a dual vanity, increase wall storage, or simply gut the entire bathroom and completely remodel the design from scratch.

If you are looking through house plans for the home you want to build, remember to discuss bathroom changes to your builder prior to construction.

Some things you may want to consider include:

  • Understanding how you utilize a bathroom – Do you prefer baths, or showers? For smaller bathroom spaces if you rarely use the garden tub, you may choose to replace this feature with a large walk in shower or combination shower/sauna unit. Once you know the space you have to work with, you can choose the number of shower heads, body spraying systems, shower seats, doorless entry, or select the type of glass you prefer with your shower doors. You may also want to incorporate built in niches within your shower space to avoid having to use wire racks to hold shampoos and bathing accessories.

  • Towel hanging systems – Towel hanging systems can include general hooks and rods to hang towels, to more advanced systems like heated towel systems. Making sure your design allows for function, you will want to consider placement of these features.

  • Linen Closet – Some bathroom designs include linen closets, while others do not. You may choose to store your towels within vanity cabinets or design a customized built-in to compliment your overall bathroom design. If you choose to customize a built in, there are multiple options, so review pictures online and discuss this with your builder so you optimize the space and add these customized areas within your home.

  • Water Closet – This is another area that can be overlooked when designing your new bathroom. More private style bathroom designs will have a water closet, or a walled area where the toilet is placed. Other designs may include a divider half wall, allowing for semi-private space or no wall at all. The preference you choose will help with the overall feel in the bathroom design.

  • Bathroom Vanity – When designing your bathroom, do you have space for a single vanity, dual vanity, vanity cabinets or pedestal sink? You also want to consider if your vanity will need a knee space or you may choose to add additional drawers or cabinets. Placement for clothes hampers, jewelry and make up storage will be important items to consider when laying out your bathroom design.

In addition to the actual design layout of your bathroom, there are plenty of other items you will need to consider when it comes to selecting the materials you will use within your new custom bathroom. Make sure to discuss these options with your builder or building consultant to maximize the customization process.

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