Backup Systems

With all the green initiatives today, adding extra focus within any new home can be a challenge for some builders when dealing with the growing eco-friendly, efficient minded consumer. It’s ideal for a builder to produce an appealing product suitable for the general public, however home-buyers looking to have custom features are looking for a little more “oomph” when it comes to their home design.

Dependability is one area everyone can agree is important when it comes to building a lasting home. We all want to know if the thermostat is set on 72 degrees, it will be between 70 and 74 degrees throughout the house.  For most homeowners, panic sets in when the thermostat is set on 72, but the temperature within the home is registering at 82 degrees.  Your mind may start racing wondering if it is the AC unit, or possibly bad batteries in the thermostat.

As winter sets in, freezing temperatures can sometimes cause a few days without one of our main staples, water!  You awaken in the morning to discover nothing is coming out of the pipes and all of sudden your day became a bit more challenging.

In these situations, from power outages, lack of water or heat, knowing it could have been somewhat avoidable doesn’t bring comfort when you are in the middle of a crisis.  Any motor or mechanical device will fail at some point. The best way to plan for these emergencies is by considering backup systems where it makes sense. It isn’t a bad idea to have a generator backup that is designed to feed the main breakers if there is a power outage for some reason. This helps to ensure the food in the fridge is safe from ruining, and keeps air temperature in the home at a comfortable level during extreme conditions.

A few backup systems you may want to consider as you plan your new custom built home are wood burning fireplaces and propane heaters. With these systems you just need to ensure you have a reasonable amount of wood/fuel available if a need should arise. This doesn’t do anything for the food in the fridge, or keep the water running, but it does help to ensure you have warmth if needed. Some old-fashioned wood burning stoves, in addition to providing heat even allow you to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or stew should the time arise.

Another backup system you may want to consider is a water reserve. Many people have  several gallons of water on hand during an emergency situation, however installing a large quantity professional water reserve may be an option to consider when it comes to the “extras” you want within your new home.  The time to consider these back up systems is not during a power outage or after the pipes in your yard have frozen.  As you consider all of the custom aspects available to you as you design your new home, make sure to learn more about features such as these. To discuss more options you may want to consider for your new custom built home, visit us at