When planning and designing your new custom kitchen, make sure to consider all of the available options for a decorative backslash. There are so many options available today you are sure to find a suitable option that will offer a nice design flair while remaining within your budget.

For years now the majority of installed backslashes were tile. While this is always a nice option, there are several other options you may consider.

Vinyl wall decals are a trendy option offering different wall patterns, in several colors and styles as well as offering an inexpensive option. Another selection offering a similar look however without utilizing the vinyl is to use a stencil template designed for paint. This option is also available in different patterns.  If you are looking for a solid color instead of a pattern design, you may prefer using one of the many faux finishes available. Although Faux finishing entire rooms is still a popular paint option for many homeowners it also adds a nice design touch within localized areas like kitchen backsplashes.

If you prefer the old world look, a great selection may be brick pavers or a nice travertine stone to be applied to the wall. Depending on the type of border pattern you choose you can achieve several different looks. Even stacking the stone at a slight angle or staggered design will offer a completely different look.

As you research the multiple options available you are sure to discover how vast the selection is when it comes to all of the different options available. 

With the popularity of utilizing reclaimed building materials you could choose a vintage tile theme or reclaimed wood or metal to incorporate within your design – of course these items can be incorporated as a focal point within your backsplash design or encompass the project in its entirety. If tile is the option for you,  you may consider a ceramic or porcelain tile design, or add glass mosaics to your custom look. 

Keep in mind backsplashes do not have to be limited to the kitchen. You may choose a backsplash within your bathroom design, custom bar area within butler pantries, game rooms, or mini kitchenettes within an in-law suite.

Try looking through design magazines and online searches for backsplashes to see some of the items you may like. Share some of these ideas with your building consultant and allow them the opportunity to help you create a design that is uniquely your own.

As with most of your new custom home, the possibilities are endless. Make sure to inquire of your building consultant for options that may be available for your home plan.

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