There was a time when building a home was more like driving through a fast food restaurant.  Different builders would offer a few different plans, several different color selections for paint, a handful of flooring styles and colors and a cabinet in a basic or jazzed up version with a few colors to choose from.

Some builders even went as far as offering 4 color selections – The “tan,” “yellow,” “blue,” and “green” themes to streamline the process and move the building phase along a little quicker.  Even today most of us have heard the phrase “builder beige,” or “cookie cutter home.”  These terms were coined because so many builders were using such a similar color of neutral paint throughout their homes, and mass producing the same plans that it just became the norm.  Well in today’s fast pace world we are surrounded by new and improved products, more colors and finishes then we can imagine and the desire to have the best looking products surround us within our new home.

Think about the last time you went through a fast food restaurant and as you are gazing at the menu think of how often everything is grouped the way in which “most” people like – nowadays one can even make their meal a small, medium or large – but generally we are all grouped in the same category, choosing a number 1 or a number 3 and moving on.

So in a world filled with many builders and even more choices – how do you make the right choice?

  • Customer Service is a great place to start! What are the people like?  Knowing the people who are going to be building your home is an excellent indicator of the service and experience you will have throughout your building process.
  • Educate yourself along the way! Know what you like and what you don’t like.  We all have ideas of styles, colors, designs and true functionality of our house flow and when you venture out to build your home it is important to end up with a home you are satisfied with; to ensure this happens educate yourself along the way.
  •  Expect Quality! Just like no two burgers are exactly the same, no two builders are exactly the same, so seek out a Quality Builder.  Look for a builder who is experienced and who can offer an ongoing level of quality to exceed your expectations of your new home.  There are also many different types of builders. There are those who specialize in production homes, those who specialize in a particular price range and those true custom builders who set themselves apart by allowing you to “build” your home on your lot just the way YOU want it!

Most importantly remember building your new home isn’t as easy as driving through a burger joint to pick out a number 1! Your home is unique, your family is unique and you deserve to enjoy your home just the way you envision it – Uniquely Your own!

For more information about working with the right builder and how it applies to your new custom home contact us at AmericasHomePlace.com.