As you plan and build your new custom home you may have decided to go with hard surfaces in your primary living spaces.  Whether you have chosen hardwood, stained or scored concrete or tile surface as your main floor covering, once you move in you may decide to soften up your rooms by adding accent rugs.

Creating a functional, while enjoyable living space can be exciting – and with all of the many home décor accessories available today you have the option to draw out your creative flair as you decorate your new custom home.  Area rugs are a popular choice within living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

There are many types of area rugs and finding the perfect one for your décor can take some time.  If you are unsure of the types of area rugs, visit a local rug distributor to see multiple choices.  From imported asian rugs to antique Indian rugs, one is able to find a nice area rug within a broad price range.  Even places like Home Depot and Pottery Barn offer multiple patterns and sizes of rugs should you decide to view their selections.  If you are attempting to find rugs to soften your area and keep within a reasonable budget you may choose to search online venues like or where you can find some beautiful patterns at reduced prices.

Adding an area rug to a large open area will also add a focal point to your room décor and allow you a foundation of colors to choose from while decorating the walls and furniture within the room.

You will want to consider color, texture and size of the rug to compliment the room you are hoping to decorate.  While looking for area rugs, don’t jump at the first one you see simply because the price is right.  It would be better to save money over time and find a rug you will love for many years. Almost as important as the decision to purchase art for your walls, you will be engaged with this new addition for many years to come, so you want to assure it is satisfying to the eye and your overall décor.  Wool rugs are a nice accent and are known to have a long lifespan, typically looking even better as they age. Other types of rugs to consider would be those made of natural fibers.

If you are a family with allergies, you may have chosen the hard surfaces to help deter additional allergens from your home.  If this is the case, you may still choose to use accent rugs, however learn the best ways to keep rugs clean to reduce dust mites and other allergens from invading your living space.

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